These pages should be considered as a separate part of the Homepages... Pages will give You some sort of overall picture of our "family".
Our family consists, besides the "humans", our five samoyeds
and the Maine Coon Cat Wellu. 

There is plenty of photos in each page. One of the pages is dedicated to our little goddaughter Inna, the other one to my family, four pages for our cats and so on... Photos are not in any specific order :o)

Use the links below :o) Enjoy!

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  Facts facts...

: 39

Occupation: ERC -operator

Job: The Emergency Centre, Oulu

Handicrafts, computers, photography.
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Age: 45

Farrier and Electrician, Metal worker

Job: Unemployed

Interests: Theatre, carpentry, computers.

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Fiarosa Maine Wagner, WELLU


Pekka R.I.P 1995-2011

Hissu R.I.P 1997-2009

Vili R.I.P 1995-2011

Iita R.I.P 2004-2012

We have only one cat at the moment, "small" Maine Coon -boy called Wellu who joined our family on 1st May 2012. 

Vili was The Boss and kept us all under his paw as long he lived... Vili was our first cat. I had him before I met my hubby Marko. We got Pekka 1996 when he was a year-old-tom-boy and about year later came Hissu. Iita joined our family on May 2004, when she was 12 weeks old... We had already three cats when the first Samoyed arrived...

Pekka was a short tailed beggar. Pekka liked to eat everything from ham to chocolate and chips. Pekka got sick on August 2011
and we had to let him go.. Also Vili got sick and we had to make very hard decision to let him go - just 3 months after Pekka.

Hissu was the youngest tomcat but not the most insignificant member of our family. He conquered all our hearts, our friends hearts and their friends hearts... Sadly Hissu left us on February 2009 at the age of almost 12 years.

Iita broke her leg on august 2012 and we had to make a Very Hard decision. We miss her dearly. Rest in peace love!

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