Photogallery of "JAAKKO" - Wuffkun Uni-Kuva

Winterfun :) 2010

Estonia Samoyed Specialty 2010 & 2011

at home...


Christmas 2009

Samoyed Specialty 2009

Jaakko in Puppy Shows :o)


Jaakko at home. Some weird thigs happened...

Winter almost here, October 2008. Age 5 mths :o)

Jaakko 21st July at the age of 11 weeks :o)

1st July at the age of 8 weeks :o)

Seven weeks :o)

Five weeks :o)

Jaakko four weeks

Jaakko was born on 4th May 2008 and these photos have been taken on when he was three weeks old :o)

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