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  In Rauma, Ikiliikkujan Lucky Jessica "Fanni" was BOS.
  Judge Agnes Ganami-Kertes, Israel

  The whole Wuffkun kennel -five Samoyeds, Merja &
  Marko and three cats moved from Lohja to Urjala.
  The change  has been enormous and has affected
  greatly to all of us.
  Several new Photos in Fanni's Photogallery,
  also couple more in Ruska's Photogallery
 10.06.2003   New photos in Ruska's Photogallery

  In Salo, Ikiliikkujan Winterfrost "Wilma" was BOS and
  Ikiliikkujan Northern Lights "Ruska" was 1st in Junior
  Class and got Res-CC. Judge Sonny Ström, Sweden.

  In Kullaa Group Show, Ikiliikkujan Northern Lights
  "Ruska" was BOB and gor her first CC. 
Ikiliikkujan LuckyJessica won also Champion class.
  Judge Erkki Tuominen, Finland.

  In Pöytyä Group Show, Ikiliikkujan Winterfrost "Wilma"
  was 1st in Champion Class. Judge Anders Cederström,
 21.03.2003   New page added, Snapshots

  Pages moderated and Updated. New photos in Kirby's
  and Fanni's Photogalleries. NEW! Oiva's Photogallery
  and Page 5 in Family Photogallery
 19.01.2003   New Photos in Kirby's Photogallery
 15.01.2003   Show Results updated

  In Kajaani, Ikiliikkujan Northern Lights "Ruska" was
  1st in Junior Class and got Reserve-CC. 
  Judge Paavo Mattila, Finland.
01.01.2003  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2003 !