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  Introducing ILTA-litter.
  The first two puppies went to their new homes!  
  Litter has been named to be "ILTA" litter.
  New PHOTO page HERE!
  Puppies TWO weeks.
  Eyes have opened - New Photos Click
 11.10.2004   Pages in Finnish.
 11.10.2004   Puppies 10 days. Photos, Click HERE.

  Finally: Pages Updated - Now the Drop Down Menu is
  working :) properly! Unfortunatelly our Digicamera is
  broken - No new puppy photos at the moment :(
  Three male puppies still available!
  Puppies were born on Tuesday evening.
  Six puppies, 3 males and 3 females.
  New Photos in Ruska's Photogallery,
  taken on 12th September 2004.

  In Tampere Group Show, Ikiliikkujan Northern Lights
  "Ruska" was 2nd in Open Class and got res.-CC.
  Judge Torbjörn Granheim, Norway.
 06.09.2004   Wilma is pregnant. Puppies are due on 1st of October 04.
  Both Pipsa & Ruska were eye exmamined today.
  They both have healthy and clear eyes!

  Wilma has been mated with Andy. Litter is expected to
  be born at the end of September 2004.
 15.07.2004   Wilma started her heat/season and will be mated
  at the end of July.
 13.07.2004   Our little Goddaughter Inna visited us with her family.
  Several new photos of INNA.
 21.06.2004  Introducing the Newest Family Member, Iita the Cat.
 15.06.2004  New Photos in Wilma's Photogallery, 13th June 2004.
 30.03.2004  New Photos in Fanni's Photogallery, 25th March 2004.
 26.03.2004   New Photo page in Family Pages, Page 6.
  Several new Photos in Ruska's Photogallery,
  25th March 2004.
  Several new Photos in Pipsa's Photogallery,
  24th March 2004.
  Wuffkun Home Pages finally updated due to new ADSL
  connection. Page
Show results 2004 also updated.
  New photos in
Snapshots. Links finally Updated.

  In Tampere International Show, Ikiliikkujan Northern
  Lights "Ruska" was 2nd Best Bitch, got her second CC
  and Reserve-Cacib. Judge Monica Boggia-Black, GB.
 01.01.2004   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2004