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 13th Dec 05

  We have new Address and New Server...
  Pages are working again and there is plenty of room
  for new Photos!
 22nd Nov 05
  Toivo's hip results came from Finnish Kennelclub...
  Toivo has A -hips (healthy, excellent) !
 8th Nov 05

  Wuffkun Iltaihme "Toivo" was hip x-rayed and eye
  examined today
. He has clear and healthy eyes.
  We have to wait for the hip results from the Finnish
  Kennel Club!
 1st Oct 05

  Oulu International Show. Toivo was 1st in Junior class.
  Judge Nils Molin, Sweden. We moved officially from
  Toijala to Kylmäkoski today
 13th Aug 05

  Valkeakosi show, judge Ann Arch from Great-Britain.
  Handler Marko... :o)
Wuffkun Iltaihme "Toivo" was 2nd
  Best Male and received reserve-CC 
  Merja is travelling in
Norway with Ikiliikkujan kennel...
 2nd July 05

  Wuffkun Iltaihme "Toivo" got his FIRST CC !! 
  Toivo is just 9months old ;o) Judge
Saija Juutilainen,
  Finland. New Photos in Toivo's Photo gallery.
  Many Thanks to Sirpa Laakso!!
 18th June 05

  Results from the Samoyed Specialty 2005
  ¤ Wuffkun Iltaihme - Puppies 7-9mths, 1st HP, BM2-pup
¤ Wuffkun Iltasatu - Puppies 7-9mths, 2nd with HP
¤ Wuffkun Iltasäde - Puppies 7-9mths, 3rd
¤ Wuffkun Eka Vekara - Open Class, Very Good
¤ Wuffkun Eka Veitikka - Opéne Class, Excellent
¤ Ikiliikkujan Northern Lights - Open Class, Very Good
¤ Ikiliikkujan Winterfrost - Champion Class, Excellent
  New Page of
Snapshots including
Specialty photos !!
 29th May 05

  New Photogalleries for Wuffkun Iltatuuli "Tuhto" &
  Wuffkun Iltaliekki "Nero". Also page Show Results 2005
  created. Couple "new" photos in Puppy Photos.
 28th May 05

  Pages finally updated. New photos in TOIVO's
photogallery. New Photogallery for Wuffkun Iltatähti
 14th May 05
 Toivo was BIS1 in Match Show, Kylmäkoski.
 It was really a BIG surprise!
 3rd April 05

  Wuffkun Iltatähti "Martta" was BOB - puppy and Toivo
was BOS - puppy in Lahti Puppy Show. Judge Maija
  Mäkinen, Finland. Conratulations Martta!!
 9th March 05

  Pages Updated Generally! New Photogalleries for
  Wuffkun Iltaihme "Toivo" & Wuffkun Iltasatu "Sani".
  New Page of Snapshots! Introducing Toivo, the newest
  member of our family...
 1st March 05
  We all moved from Urjala to Toijala,
  to the bigger house with bigger garden...
 10th Jan 05   New Photogallery for Wuffkun Iltasäde "Nana"
 1st Jan 05   HAPPY & BETTER NEW YEAR 2005!