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 01st Aug 06
 We moved to a New home and life goes on again!
 More news when we have settled in properly.
 18th July 06
 Photos added - trip to Switzerland and through
 Germany & Sweden. Click
 02nd July 06

 Tammela/Mustiala Group Show: Ikiliikkujan Winterfrost
 "Wilma" BB1 & BOB.
 Wuffkun Iltaihme "Toivo" BM3 & Res-CC
 19th June 06  Couple New Photos in Ditte's & Toivo's Photogalleries!
 17th June 06

  Pärnu International Show. Wuffkun Iltaihme "Toivo"
 BOB, CAC, Cacib. Humoresque Ulle Dullevska "Ditte"
 BB3, BOB-veteran. Ikiliikkujan Lucky Jessica "Fanni"
 BB4, CAC, EST CH, Reserve-Cacib!!
 12th June 06

 12th June 06: Totally New Layout! Contetnt of the pages
 hasn't changed but few photos added here & there ;o)
 You are most Wellcome to Our Pages!!
 30th May 06
 Couple New Specialty Show Photos in Wilma's,
 Toivo's and Martta's Photogalleries...
 27th May 06

 Finnish Samoyed Club Specialty Show.
 Judge Pam Taylor, GB. The Judge was in Skandinavia for
 the first time... 111 Samoyeds entered the Show
Wuffkun Iltaihme - Intermediate Class, Good
¤ Wuffkun Iltatähti - Intermediate Class, Good
¤ Ikiliikkujan Winterfrost - Champion Class, Very Good

 7th April 06

 Toivo became a Father again on 7th April 2006.
 White Smile Winter Star "Nelli" got 7 puppies in kennel

. Congratulations to the Mother & Breeder
 2nd April 06

 New Links in Samoyeds own pages - the Finnish Kennel
 Club's Breeding Database Eg. "Wilma"
Ikiliikkujan Winterfrost
 30th Mar 06  Couple new Photos in Photogallery 1998-2006 !! 
 14th Mar 06
 Toivo's second litter is due on 11th April 2006...
 Mother will be "Nelli" in kennel
 18th Jan 06
 We have new family members :o) Four hens and
 a cock! Click HERE to see photos of our Chicken!!
 13th Jan 06

 Toivo (Wuffkun Iltaihme) became a father on 13th Jan
 2006. Funny Fabric Wow Blue Congo "Congo"
got five
 puppies in kennel
 Congratulations to the new Mother and Breeder!!
 1st Jan 06   HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!!