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 24th Nov 08
 Very Merry Christmas!!
 Better and Happy Happy New Year 2009!!
 02ns Dec 08
 Gongratulations Fanni (Ikiliikkujan Lucky Jessica)
 in your 9th Birthday is Today!!
 19th Nov 08
 Nanuk, Jesse, Nekku, Olli, Fiina and Kirppu!!
Gonratulations!! Your Six Months Birthday is today!!
 16th Nov 08

Helsinki Kaapelitehdas Puppy Show
  ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Aika, Arttu - males 5-7mth, 1HP, BM2
¤ Wuffkun Uni-Kuva, Jaakko - males 5-7mth, 2HP
¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu, Fiina - bitches 5-7mth, 3HP
    ¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu - bitches 5-7kk, 4HP
    ¤ Wuffkun breders BOB-breeders, BIS1 - breeders
    ¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu & Tuli-Sydän BIS1 -pair

 04th Nov 08
 Jaakko, Arttu, Nasu, Utu and Ninni!!
 Gonratulations!! Your Six Months Birthday is today!!
 26th Oct 08

 Lahti Puppy -Show Jaakko, Wuffkun Uni-Kuva was
 BOB -puppy! Also Nanuk, Arttu & Fiina did Very Well
 on their First Show ever!
 23rd Oct 08
 We have kittens!! Iita has now five little ones and you
 can find photos in our BLOG!!
Click Here!
 12th Oct 08

 Plenty of new Photos of both Uni- and Tuli -litters in our
 Blog!! Click Here To See Wuffkun Blog!
Unfortunatelly it is only in Finnish..
 04th Oct 08
 Wuffkun UNI -litter is 5 months old today! Congrats!!
 Wuffkun Uni-Haave "Utu" went to her new home today!!
 17th Sept 08
 Wilma, Ikiliikkujan Winterfrost turns 10 years of Age
 14th Sept 08
 Köyliö Group Show, Wilma, Ikiliikkujan Winterfrost,
 BOB-vet!! And BIS2 Veteran!!
 24th Aug 08
 Toivo in Hämeenlinna International Show and he got 
 Res-CC AGAIN!! Judge Claudio de Giuliani, Italy.
 28th July 08
 Martta's puppies are now 10 weeks and almost all have
 new homes.
Introducing TULI-litter!
 21st July 08
 All the boys have new homes! Two little girls are looking
 for a co-owning families!! Ask if you are interested..
 07th July 08
 Introducing our newest family member:
 Jaakko, Wuffkun Uni-Kuva
 01st July 08
 Martta's puppies now six weeks. Finally new photos of
 the puppies! Click HERE to see NEW photos !!
 24th June 08
 Nana's puppies are now 7 weeks and three girls went to
 their new homes.
Introducing UNI-litter!
 09th June 08
 New Photos in litters' galleries. Take a look.
 Nana's puppies & Martta's puppies !!
 26th May 08
 Martta's puppies are now one week old & Nana's puppies
 already three weeks. Take a look at the photos!!
 19th May 08
 Martta's puppies were born today, six puppies in all!
 Four male puppies and two bitch puppies :o)
 18th May 08
 Nana's puppies are now two weeks old! You can see
 photos in puppy page :o) Click
 04th May 08
 Nana's puppies were born today, five puppies in all!
 Two male puppies and three bitch puppies :o)
 29th Mar 08
 Nana went to ultrasound. There is more than 2 puppies
 coming! Now we'll just have to wait!
 23rd April08

 Martta went to ultrasound and there are puppies!!
 Puppies are due on 18th May 08.
 Nana is also pregnant and due on 4th May 08
 17th Mar 08
 Both Nana & Martta have been mated. Now we'll just
 have to wait! See page
Future Plans!
 01st Mar 08  Puppy Plans Updated
 06th Jan 08  Toivo's Offspring & health results -page updated!
 31st Jan 08
 Ditte, Humoresque Ulle Dullevska turns 10 years of Age
 01st Jan 08  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 !