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 13th Mar 10

 Wuffkun samoyeds in Estonia Specialty:
  ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Aika, Arttu - INT. EXC 4th 
   ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Kuva, Jaako - INT. EXC-
¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu - INT. EXC 2nd

¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu, Fiina -
INT. EXC 1st
   ¤ Wuffkun Breeders  group - 4th =o)
 20th Nov 09

 Wuffkun dogs went to the vets to have eye examination:
  ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Aika, Arttu - All Clear, Healthy eyes 
   ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Kuva, Jaako -
Distichiasis, mild
¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu - MRD in left eye :(

   ¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu, Fiina -
Distichiasis, mild
   ¤ Wuffkun Iltaihme, Toivo -
Distichiasis, mild
 25th Oct 09

 Hämeenlinna Group Show. Toivo 4th Best Male.
 Also Kirppu, Kirppu, Arttu & Jaakko got good critiques!
Natasa Blanusa, Croatia.
 25th Sept09

 Wuffkun Tuli-Silmä, Olli's health has been in hip x-rays!
 Hips are OK with result B/C!!
 Thanks Astrid for taking Olli to the vets!!!
 17th Sept09  Toivo's EST CH -title has been confirmed =o)
 10th Sept09

 Wuffkun Tuli-Kaste, Nanuk's health results are valid!
 Eyes are healthy and Hips also healthy with result A/A!!
 Thanks Anja for takin Nanuk to the vets!!!
 6th Sept 09

 Pages Updated!!! New Photos in Toivo's, Arttu's,
 Kirppu's Fiina's & Jaakko's
Photo Galleries!!
 Click on links above!
 29th Aug 09
 Tervakoski INT: Kirppu 4th Best Bitch with Reserve-CC!
Juha Putkonen, Finland
 23th Aug 09

 Heinola All Breeds Show: Judge Tuula Savolainen, FI.
 Toivo, Wuffkun Iltaihme BOB, GROUP WINNER !!
 Kirppu, Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän 3rd Best Bitch with CC!!
 15th Aug 09

 Ikaalinen Group Show: Judge Leila Kärkäs, Finland.
 Toivo, Wuffkun Iltaihme BOB, GROUP WINNER & BIS1 !!
 Arttu got VeryGood and was 1st jun male.
 25th July 09

 Kihniö Group Show: Judge Leila Kärkäs, Finland.
 Toivo BOB, CC, FI CH, GROUP 3rd !!
 Kirppu BOS & her first CC!!
 Congratulations Kirppu & Virpi !!
 18th July 09

 Arttu, Wuffkun Uni-Aika BOB & CAC in Pöytyä Group
 Show! Judge Pekka Teini, Finland
 Congratulations Arttu & Virpi!
28th June 09

 Hämeenlinna National Show. Judge Paula Rekiranta,
 Finland. Toivo 2nd Best Male and got Res-CC !!
 Kirppu got Excellent and won Junior Bitches!
 She also got Res-CC !!
13th June 09

 Samoyed Specialty Show, Helskinki. Judges  Carmen
 Navarro (veterans) & Rafael Garcia from Spain.
   ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Aika, Arttu - JUNIOR Very Good 
   ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Kuva, Jaako - JUNIOR Excellent 4th
¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu - JUNIOR Excellent
   ¤ Wuffkun Iltaihme, Toivo - OPEN Excellent
   ¤ Ikiliikkujan Lucky Jessica, Fanni - VETERAN Very Good
 19th May 09

 Huge Birthday Wishes to the UNI -litter!!
 You Were Born One Year Ago!
 Nanuk, Nekku, Olli, Jesse, Kirppu & Fiina!!
 19th May 09

 Ninni, Wuffkun Uni-Hetki got a New Home!!
 Ninni moved to Espoo to live with Bella -samoyed and    
 her owners! Good Luck to Ninni & her new family!
 09th May 09

 Ruovesi Group Show. Judge Paavo Mattila.
 Arttu, Wuffkun Uni-Aika was
4th Best Male!!!
 Congratulations Virpi & Arttu!!! That was a Start...
 04th May 09

 Huge Birthday Wishes to the UNI -litter!!
 You Were Born One Year Ago!
 Jaakko, Arttu, Ninni, Nasu & Utu!!
 01st May 09

 Toivo, Arttu & Nanuk in Hollola Group Show! Judge Paavo
 Mattila. Boys showed up really well and got really good   
 critics! Toivo was also 2nd Best Male and got Res-CC !
 25th Feb 09

 The hardest day, ever, for us!
 We had to make a decision to let Wilma go..
 Wilma was the love of my life! But the sickness had
 already worn Wilma down. We will miss her forever!

 We love You!
 09th Feb 09

 Sadly we had to give up and put Hissu the cat down
Hissu was almost 12 years old.
 We will all miss him ver very much!!  
 08th Feb 09

 Keuruu Group Show, Judge Maija Mäkinen
   ¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu, Fiina - PUP1st & HP, BOB -puppy
   ¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu - PUP3rd & HP
Wuffkun Uni-Kuva, Jaako - JUN VeryGood 1st
¤ Wuffkun Uni-Aika, Arttu - JUN VeryGood 2nd   
 06th Feb 09
 New Photos in Jaakko's, Fiina's and Kirppu's own pages.
 Also Show News updated in the same pages =o)
 31st Jan 09
 Congratulations Ditte, Humoresque Ulle Dullevska
 11 years today!!
 30th Jan 09

 Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän "Kirppu" went to her new home in
 Vesilahti today! She went to the same home as "Arttu",
 Wuffkun Uni-Aika.
 26th Jan 09  Show results 2008 & 2009 -pages updated!
 25th Jan 09

 Turku INT Show, Judge Leni Finne
   ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Kuva, Jaako - PUP1st & HP, BOS -puppy
¤ Wuffkun Uni-Aika, Arttu - PUP3rd
¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu - PUP2nd & HP
   ¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu, Fiina - PUP4th
 23rd Jan 09  Toivo's Offspring & health results -page updated!
 01st Jan 09  Better and Happy Happy New Year 2009!