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 17th Nov.10

 Sad sad Day!! Ditte, Humoresque Ulle Dullevska and
 Pipsa, Wuffkun Eka-Veitikka - mom & daugter went to
 the Rainbow Bridge together! We miss You!
 25th Sep.10

 Karkkila Group Show: Wuffkun breeders Group BOB- and
 BIS2 -breeder! Jaako, Wuffkun Uni-Kuva got also
 Reserve-CC :D
 18th Sep.10

 Turku Puppyshow: Hilma, Frostbite's Next Top Model
 BOB puppy & Group 2nd puppy!! Thanks Virpi for
 handlin & driving Hilma to Turku!!
 28th Aug.10

 Wuffkun Uni-Aika "Arttu" new Finnish Champion (FI CH)
 He got his last CC in Tervakoski.
 Congratulations Virpi & Arttu!
 14th Aug.10
 Wuffkun meeting today and we had fun together...
 Photos, Click
Snapshots :D :D
 08th Aug.10

 What A Day in Shows today!!
  ¤ Hilma, Frostbite's Next Top Model Hyvinkää
      puppy show BOB -puppy and  4th in Group 5 =o)
¤ Kirppu, Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän gained title FI CH in
      Kiikoinen - judge
Maret Kärdi, Estonia
 21st Jyly 10

 Wuffkun samoyeds Hip results:
  ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Aika, Arttu - A/A 
   ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Kuva, Jaako - B/C
¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu - A/A

   ¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu, Fiina -
 08th Mar.10
 Pages FINALLY Updated!
 Show Results and News are
now up to date =o) 
 03rd Mar.10

 We have a new Family Member: Hilma, Frostbite's Next
 Top Model came to live with us from Frostbite's kennel.
 She is also co-owned with the Breeder =o)
 13th Feb.10

 Wuffkun samoyeds in Estonia Specialty:
  ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Aika, Arttu - INT. EXC 4th 
   ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Kuva, Jaako - INT. EXC-
¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu - INT. EXC 2nd

¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu, Fiina -
INT. EXC 1st
   ¤ Wuffkun Breeders  group - 4th =o)
 01st Jan.10  BETTER NEW YEAR 2010!!!
 20th Nov.09

 Wuffkun dogs went to the vets to have eye examination:
  ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Aika, Arttu - All Clear, Healthy eyes 
   ¤ Wuffkun Uni-Kuva, Jaako -
Distichiasis, mild
¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu - MRD in left eye :(

   ¤ Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu, Fiina -
Distichiasis, mild
   ¤ Wuffkun Iltaihme, Toivo -
Distichiasis, mild