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 30th Dec. 11
  Upcoming Litters -page updated!
  We have found a perfect male for Fiina!
 12th Dec. 11

  Rakkaus Litter 7mths! Wuffkun Rakkauspakkaus Maija",
  Rakkaustarina "Bella", Rakkausloitsu "Welho" &
  Rakkauskoodi "Koda"
Gongratulations Kids :D
 18th Nov. 11

  Our beloved family member Ruska, Ikiliikkujan Norhtern 
  Lights left to the Rainbow Bridge today!
  We miss her dearly! :(
 15th Nov. 11
 Sadly we had to put our Vili the cat down today :(
 We only have Iita the cat now!
 30th Oct. 11
 Puppy Show in Lahti, Judge Esa Ruotsalainen:  
 Maija, Wuffkun Rakkauspakkaus BOB -puppy!!
 29th Oct. 11

 Seinäjoki INT, Judge Marianne Holmli, Norway:
 Toivo, Wuffkun Iltaihme: Champion Class EXC 4th & CQ. 
 Fiina, Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän: 3rd Best Bitch and Res-CAC
 23rd Oct. 11

 Puppy Show in Lohja, Judge Saara Sampsakoski:  
 Maija, Wuffkun Rakkauspakkaus at her First show,
 BOS -puppy at the age of 5 months !!
 18th Sept. 11

 Pages Updated!!! Many MANY many new Photos in
 ¤ Hilma, Frostbite's Next Top Model's
 ¤ Maija, Wuffkun Rakkauspakkaus'
 ¤ Nasu, Wuffkun Uni-Kukka's
 ¤ Arttu, Wuffkun Uni-Aika's
 ¤ Kirppu, Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän's
 ¤ Jaakko, Wuffkun Uni-Kuva's
 ¤ Toivo, Wuffkun Iltaihme's
 ¤ Fiina, Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu's photogalleries
 ¤ New SnapShots page
 ¤ New Gallery page
 ¤ New Family Gallery page
 17th Sept. 11

 Hyvinkää Show, Judge Maret Kärdi, Estonia. 
 Toivo, Wuffkun Iltaihme BOS!! Kirppu, Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän
 got VG and Arttu, Wuffkun Uni-Aika got EXC2 :)
 11th Sept. 11

 Porvoo Show, Judge John R. Walsh Jr, Ireland.
 Toivo, Wuffkun Iltaihme BOB!!! Fiina, Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän
 got EXC1. We had also little 4mths old Maija with us :D
 4th Sept. 11

 Wonderful day in Sastamala Show today!!  
 Toivo, Wuffkun Iltaihme BOS! Kirppu, Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän
 BB4. Also Fiinalle & Arttu got excellent critiques!
 Judge Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania. WUFFKUN
 -breeders Group BOB & BIS1 Breeder :)
 30th Aug. 11

 Hilma, Frostbite's Next Top Model went to hip x-rays and
 eye examination today. She has mild
 And now we just have to wait for the hip results..
 27th Aug. 11

 In Tervakoskella,  Judge Karel Horak, Czech.
 Kirppu, Wuffkun Tuli-Sydän BB4 and Arttu, Wuffkun Uni-
 Aika got EXC
 26th Aug. 11
 Sadly we had to put our Pekka the cat down today :(  
 Pekka left peacefylly at home..  
 20th Aug. 11

 Kouvola All Breed Show, Judge Jens Ramsing, Denmark
 Toivo, Wuffkun Iltaihme BM2 and Nuka, Wuffkun Tuli-Kaste
 got VG with very good critics!
 19th Aug. 11

 All Rakkaus -puppies have new loving homest!
 We also have a new family member:

 Maija, Wuffkun Rakkauspakkaus
 09th June 11
 Hyvinkää Show, Judge Tamara Sarmont, Belarus
 Wuffkun Iltaihme BM4 ja Arttu,
 14th June 11
 Puppies are 4 weeks now - sweet & adorable rascals!
 Also Bitch puppy available for non-Showing home!
 02nd June 11
 Male pups are looking for new homes!
 If you're interested -  Please Contact us!!
 28th May 11
 Congratulations Virpi & Arttu, Wuffkun Uni-Aika!!
 Arttu In Ruovesi Show BOB, Judge Esko Nummijärvi.
 27th May 11

 More Photos! Pups are now 2 weeks and eyes are 
 opening :D Puppies are looking for new loving homes!
 Please, Contact us!
 21st May 11
 Photos of One Week old puppies!! Click PUPPIES to see 
 more :D :D
 12th May 11

 Puppies were born!! Puppies were born on Thursday,  
 Utu & puppies are fine!! We have  now 2 male
 pups and 2 bitch puppies.
 08th May 11

 Only week to go!! Utu is getting BIG with the puppies but 
 everything has gone well so far!!
 More info in page Puppies
 07th May 11

 International Dog Show Tampere: Judge Katrin Lahi,
 Estonia. "Toivo" Wuffkun Ilta-Ihme 2nd Best Male
 with Res-Cacib - Toivo is having it later!!
 18th Mar.11

 We are going to have PUPPIES :D Litter from the
 combination Wuffkun Uni-Haave "Utu" & Fun Sam Dirty
 Harry "Tahvo" is due on 16th May 2011
 14th Apr. 11

 Fuss & Hassle!! Poor Boys :P Four girls have their heat
 at the same time: Ruska, Fiina, Utu ja Hilma...
 Utu has been mated :) I will tell later about that...
 21st Feb.11

 Utu, Wuffkun Uni-Haave came from Turku to stay with us
 while her owner Tuulia-Tuulia travels around the  
 world & Ethiopia :D
 12th Feb.11

 Estonia Specialty Show: Judge Andrea Eicher, Switzerland
 Jaakko, Arttu, Kirppu & Fiina participated! We had great
 time :D More info in Showresults!
 22nd Jan.11

 Jaakko, Wuffkun Uni-Kuva Turku INT show, judge Peter
 Harsanyi Best Male, BOS, CACIB & CAC !!!
 Jaakko's First CAC & CACIB :D
 1st Jan. 11  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 !!!