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 24th Dec. 14  Merry Christmas!!
 16th Dec. 14
 Leksa, Wuffkun Kultakimpale went to his New home :)
 Good Luck to his new family!!
 20th Nov. 14
 Fiina's puppies are 6weeks old, and we got them
 home today!!
 18th Oct. 14

 Three little pups were born on last Friday 10th October.  
 Unfortunatelly Fiina -mom died suddenly and pups are with
 surrogate Golden Retriever -mum now. We go day at the
 time now - hoping for better future to come...
 6th Sept. 14

 What a Great day in In Kihniö Show today:
 ¤ WUFFKUN Uni-Aika, Arttu BOB!!
 ¤ WUFFKUN Tuli-Sydän, Kirppu BOS!!
 Judge Esko Nummijärvi, Finland
 Huge Congratulations Virpi, Arttu & Kirppu. Well Done :)
 24th Aug. 14

 WUFFKUN Tuli-Tassu "Nekku" is looking for a New Home
 due to resent changes in his family. Nekku was born in 
 19th May 2008 and is a 6yrs old Gentleman!!
 Please Contact me, if You're interested in..
 10th Aug. 14
 Fiina, Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu has been mated! Now we'll
 just have to wait...
 25th July 14

 11th July 14
 We have a new family member SOHVI, Ikiliikkujan
 Blue Bell O' Tracey
 07th May 14

 ¤ Welho, Wuffkun Rakkausloitsu has healthy eyes!!
 ¤ Fiina, Wuffkun Tuli-Ruusu also has healthy eyes except
    very mild Distichiasis (one soft hair in right eye)
 01st Jan. 14  Happy New Year2014!!