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These Family Pages are not "updated" so often as the other pages...
So - when I took these photos just before Midsummer 2005, I decided it's time to make a NEW page
for our cats. There is a couple of older photos at the end of this page !

Midsummer!! Almost... Iita enjoys herself when she gets out to the garden... She enjoys the "outdoor living" almost too much! It took over a 24 hours to get her back to inside. Well - It is summer - what can you say! 

One moment she is there - at the other... Gone!

Vili is 10 years old "gentleman" who knows how to enjoy his existence...

But the speedlimits are still somewhere, forgotten !!

Most of the time Vili spends by observing what happens around him, with great pleasure  ...  Hissu-the-cat goes and purrs at the same time :o)

Vili and Iita have already been here, I can smell it... :o)
...Hissu is Eight years old "Gentleman" !

Pekka, 10 years...
...Thick as thieves = Pekka & Hissu Going - who knows here...

Here are those bit older photos - taken along the year 2004...

Thick as thieves again :o) , Pekka & Hissu in both photos ;o)

From left Iita, Hissu & Vili... Our "Ginger" cats :o)
...Hissu's grimace-yawning... Saying Booooring!

Vili Sleeps - no - observes "very closely" what happens at the moment :o)

Vili posing... tells you more than a thousand words !!

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