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Wuffkun Puppy Meeting vol.2 August 6th 2011

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11 samoyeds :) and 3 wrong coloured ones with their owners :)
Tre Oldest one almost 12 years and the youngest 12 weeks!

Left: Virpi hugging Hilma & Toivo Right: Marika & Nasu, Kenneth with Maija & Utu

Left: Nuka & family Right: Nuka heading for something....

Left: Maija & Nasu with Kenneth Right: Hmmmm... Sammies & wrong coloured :)

How many times we have had so many dogs running around :P  

Utu, Wuffkun Uni-Kukka

Naked Utu :) Toivo & Marika

Little Maija almost in the photo :) and Pekko the Boy on the right

Two tired ones..