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Switzerland 5th-13th July 2006
¤ Photos from Switzerland, Alps and from the journey through Germany and Sweden back to Finland. ¤
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Coastline of Finland. Journey begins...

Lake Zürich and nice boat ;o)

River Limmat

Local inhabitant in Zürich ;o)

Riverboat in Zürich

Monkeys climbing - Ipsach village school

They really came down also...

Thunersee - Merja, Heidi & Matti

We're going up there..

Oberhofen am Thunersee

Nice house in Oberhofen

Am I not allowed to take any photos!?!?

Männlichen - Grindelwald, going up...

Grindelwald - snow barriers

Grindelwald - and it's raining!

Wet and foggy...

Water eventually comes down..

Clouds are really low!

The hairy alpen-rose (rhododendron hirsutum) grows in clear areas of alpine forests up to 2500 meters above sea level

Kleine Scheidegg - we took about 1,5 hour walk from Grindelwald to  Kleine Scheidegg

Kleine Scheidegg

Back in Mänlichen, by train...


Bern's symbol is the Bear

One of the Bern's famous sight

Bern, scenery towards the city centre

Bern, scenery towards the city centre

Der Bundesplatz

Grimselpass - Totesee

Grimselpass - Totesee

Grimselpass 2165m, SNOW in July

Local inhabitants ;o)

Loads of cows pasturing in the alps - unfortunatelly photo is not taken by me

Train going up...

Road - twisting and turning on the mountain

Lisää paikallisia eläimiä - murmeli

ihailimme hetken paikallista kulkupeliä ;o)

Matkalta Grimselpassista alaspäin...

We drove  to the train by car - and it went through the mountain...

Windmills in Germany - on the way home...


Lübeck - if I remebmer correctly

Lüpeck - Travemünde, Ship was called Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Well - big enough!

*Grin* - This could have happened to our roomy family car but this is staged!!!

Somewhere in Sweden...

Stockholm - almost home...

There were four of us travelling together - me Merja, my brother Juha and
our sister's kids Heidi & Matti.

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